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Works by Raphåel Ibn Sayed Él Khalif
  • Works by Raphåel Ibn Sayed Él Khalif

    A Nigga, Bound Only by the Constraints of the Commune and Natural Law    Oil on Canvas    24 x 30"    $1,200

    Miss Pootie Tang Does Her Jungle Twerk    Oil on Canvas    20 x 24"    $1,000

    Two Lovers at the Precipice of Ecstasy    Oil on Linen    44 x 56"    $4500




    Raphael Ibn Sayed El Khalif, born in Amerique is a Moorish, gender non-conforming persona of color; a multi-disciplinary creative implementing drawing, painting and architecture. Combating the divisive ethnocentric architecture, design and sociology of settler colonialist America and its permutations through time and space, both within and outside, contemporary discourse. The work of El Khalif personifies a dualistic vernacular within their imagery, looking to push our boundaries of understanding with regards to race, creed, culture and gender identity. The "black experience" in America varies for all of us, and El Khalif's radical practice, pluralistically unifies the African diaspora's masculine and feminine, light and dark, and concepts of animus and anima, postulating towards a singular, unifying humanism. El Khalif’s compositions aim to holistically and unapologetically enable us to critically look forward to a brighter tomorrow; today, demystifying the segregation, appropriation and classism that encapsulates the non-white living experience that built America.

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