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Works by Hollie Davis
  • Works by Hollie Davis

    Selected works by Hollie Davis in marker and paint on archival paper. Various sizes.


    Snake In my Garden. 14”x17”. 2020. Ink on paper. $400


    Breonna. 18”x24”. 2020. Acrylic and ink on paper. $425


    Homegrown. 18"x24". 2020. Acrylic and ink on paper. $400


    Jackie Robinson. 18"x24".  2020. Ink on Paper.  $300
    This piece celebrates black historical sports figures. Jacki Robinson integrated Major League Baseball during the 1940s with the Brooklyn Dodgers. His courage and determination is legend to black people around the world. The flags represent how the successes of African Americans are internationally known by people of African descent globally.


    The Bus Stop Series: Cross Colors. 18"x24".  2020. Ink on paper. $300
    This piece celebrates Cross Colors a popular black owned hip hop fashion company that did many of the costumes for Will on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. There urban aesthetic is perfectly suited to The Bus Stop Series. This piece is part of a series of work. This series celebrates the diversity of community that occurs through the availability of public resources. It also discusses people of color in public space and the importance of them having a safe experience as white people historically have.




    Hollie Davis is a black artist from Chicago who seeks to diversify standards of beauty through storytelling and a pop surrealist approach. 




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