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Works by Darby Rages
  • Works by Darby Rages

    Body 9; Framed Watercolors; 12 x 16"; $600 each

    Body 11; Framed Watercolors; 12 x 16"; $600 each

    Body 13; Framed Watercolors; 12 x 16"; $600 each

    Body 14; Framed Watercolors; 12 x 16"; $600 each

    Body 21; Framed Watercolors; 12 x 16"; $600 each




    Darby Rages, artist at Creations Euphoric, is a white non-binary queer who uses different forms of creative visual expression to communicate their ideas, delve into social issues, and explore the lens from which they view the world. Darby Rages uses various mediums to create art that is visually appealing, but also asks the viewer to question their own identities, values, feelings, thoughts and place in society. For Mx. Rages, the conversation that arises from the works is the true art itself. The pieces being shown today are part of a series called BODIES, a set comprised of 24 separate watercolor paintings that showcases the adult human body, in all its shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. Most of the models in this series identify somewhere along the LGBTQAI+ spectrum. The BODIES series seeks to asks the viewer to examine their own thoughts on body politics, desirability, and uniqueness, and to explore their own personal biases. How do you judge others based on various aspects of their physical bodies? Or even how you judge yourself and the skin in which you reside? The full 24-piece series can be found online:

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